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SAR7 Information

What is the SAR7?

The SAR7 (Semi Annual Report) is a redetermination form which is used as a way to update any information that may have changed in the past 6 months of receiving CalFresh.
On the top right corner, there will be a report month. The report month is the month in which you are asked to provide proof of. Located under the report month, is the due date for this form. Remember to read through the form carefully and answer each question truthfully. Once you are done filling out your form, mail it your county's human services agency. If you live outside of Merced county, find your county info here!
  • Merced County HSA Address: 2115 Wardrobe Ave, Merced, CA 95341.
If you want to know more about how to fill out your SAR7 form, view "How to Fill Out Your SAR7 Form" on the CDSS website.

When to expect your Semi Annual Report (SAR7)/Annual Recertification:

Month Application was submitted
1 June November
2 July December
3 August January
4 September February
5 October March
6 November April
7 December May
8 January June
9 February July
10 March August
11 April September
12 May October
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